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Summer Reading: Teen SRP

Teen SRP

Teens (13-17) read a designated amount of books and write reviews over the course of the program to receive awesome prizes and be entered to win a grand prize!


Jewelry Class - June 13—6:30pm & June 16—3:00pm                                              Waffle It! - June 14—1:00pm

Upcycled Crafts - June 20—6:30pm & June 24—3:00pm                                           Beginning Genealogy - June 21—1:00pm

Handbuilt Clay Bowl - June 27—6:30pm & June 30—3:00pm                                    Build a Better Milkshake - June 28—1:00pm

String Map Art - July 11—6:30pm & July 14—3:00pm                                                  Cheese-making - July 12—1:00pm

Backwards Canvas Bird Nest - July 18—6:30pm & July 22—3:00pm                       Storytelling Skills - July 19—1:00pm                

Marbleized Candle Holder - July 25—6:30pm & July 28—3:00pm                             Alcohol Ink Tiles - July 26—1:00pm                 



Bass Fly Tying - June 15—6:30pm (ReelFly charges $10 at door for supply fees)         Pencil Still Life - June 15—1:00pm          

Meat Master - June 22—6:30pm                                                                                               Charcoal Drawing - June 22—1:00pm

Rain Barrels - June 29—6:30pm                                                                                              Collage Mixed Media - June 29—1:00pm

Build a Game - July 6—6:30pm                                                                                                 Acrylic Painting - July 6—1:00pm

Rustic Coordinates Sign - July 13—6:30pm                                                                            Watercolor Calligraphy - July 13—1:00pm

Wire Art - July 20—6:30pm                                                                                                         Art Journal Book - July 20—1:00pm

Cubbyhole Book - July 27—6:30pm                                                                                          Shibori Indigo Dyed Scarf - July 27—1:00pm


Upcycled T-Shirt Crafting  June 23—6:00pm

Teens are welcome in this after hours event where there will be upcycled t-shirt crafting, streaming concerts, gaming and pizza.

Mod Podge Washer Pendant  July 14—6:00pm

Join us in this after hours event where we will make mod podge washer pendants, watch streamed concerts, have gaming and make your own sundae!

Duct Tape Wallets  July 28—6:00pm

Have fun in this after hours event where we will make duct tape wallets, stream concerts, have gaming and pizza and

Learn the Principles of Permaculture and Hygge - June 17—1:00pm

Build a better world for yourself by learning how to implement the basic focuses of permaculture in your environment by designing a garden and landscape. Learn about the different healing gardens and herb
gardens that you can plant which follow the principles of permaculture. We will also introduce the basics of Hygge, a feeling of completeness or coziness that is based in Danish culture.  Enjoy a craft that will bring the feeling of Hygge to you and have refreshments. Please register for a supply and refreshment count.

Blood Drive with South Texas Blood and Tissue Center - July 8—10:30am - 2:30pm

Come donate blood for a good cause to help those who can't help themselves. Sign up for a time that is convenient for you. Sign up at the circulation desk or by calling 830.438.4864. Time slots are in 1/2 hour increments.  

George Burns Alive Again and in Concert - July 8—3:00pm
Everyone loves George Burns! Join Broadway and film actor Duffy Hudson as he takes you on a stroll along nostalgia lane. George Burns sings, dances and tells stories like only George Burns can. This 75 minute, one-man, musical, comedy performance of our beloved George Burns is sure to delight the entire family!!!  No registration required.

Storytelling Performance by Donna Ingham - July 29—3:00pm

Humorist and folklorist Donna Ingham takes the ancient art of storytelling and gives it a Texas twist to entertain audiences of all ages. Hear tall tales, folklore, historical and personal stories told.